Corporate and Business Support
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Our corporate programs support individuals, work groups, executive and managerial staff, as well as, support staff.

We empower your entire staff on all levels. We will work with you to identify and define your needs, then create a customized process for transformation appropriate for your corporate and team goals and timeline.

Support to Move You Forward

• Management and Leadership training and coaching

• Management / Employee relations

• Resolving conflicts and difficulties

• Support for management undergoing personal challenges and transitions.


Hosting a Business Group, Client, Friends or Family Workshop

Being the host of a group is an incredible experience. Whether in a business environment or personal home, you, as host, are welcoming others growth and transformation in various areas of their lives!

We have found that in these workshops the positive energy of transformation (brought forth by the practitioner's healing intention for the group and by the group's intention towards moving forward in their own lives) not only shifts but also enlivens each of the participants and also the home or business venue in which the workshop is being held.

Previous hosts have commented that this experience advanced their business tremendously and gave them a deep sense of satisfaction and new-found connections to their colleagues, friends or family.

Business Groups or workshops composed of your clients, friends or family, may be held to address any of the specific topics listed above, or address a business or personal topic of your own choosing.

If you would like to host a group workshop in your home or workplace, or would like to find a specific transformational theme for your group, you are welcomed to email us for further information at contact@spirtunleashed.com

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