Chakras: The Nature and Influences of the Chakras (TM), the energetic basis of our physical, emotional and energetic anatomy and well being. This image is copyright © 2011 by Roman Oleh Yaworsky

From: The Stance of a Healer™ Series

Exploring Your Chakras

The Energetic Basis of Our Physical and Emotional Well Being

Taught by Roman Oleh Yaworsky

16 CEU hours available for eligible healing professionals
Four sessions across two days


Exploring Your Chakras dives deeply into identifying the nature and the effect that the chakras have on the way a person feels on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

This is a unique opportunity to learn about, or dive deeper into, the chakra system as it is presented with emphasis to your healing profession. It removes much of the confusion and bias that is encountered in the literature, and presents the material from a very practical standpoint of what has actually worked and what is more likely to be useful to your work in support of your clients. This course makes the chakras more assessable, hands on, personal and experiential. Using illustrations especially designed for this class, the relationships of the chakras to the parts of the body and its dynamics will be explored, including the muscular, nervous and endocrine systems.

 Becoming more aware of the nature and the way that the chakras hold and release past impressions is very beneficial to you as massage therapists, because it would give you a deeper insight into the processes of your clients in real time. It means that in working with a client, you would have some knowledge of additional related areas of the body to work on to support the release and relaxation of clients.


Exploring Your Chakras will introduce you to the way your body, energetic fields and the chakra system holds and stores your emotions and past impressions and how this influences the choices you make, its effects on the body and even your destiny. It will increase your awareness and understanding of some the shifts and releases that your clients are experiencing during your sessions with them.

The knowledge and insights will help you become more aware of your own dynamics, and the practical instructions throughout the course will show you both the ways to clear the residue of past impressions and the ways to move forward in your choices. It is a great foundation to aid you in your own healing, and to apply that knowledge to support your clients in theirs.

The course will also help participants become more aware of the energetic interactions between people and introduce ways to protect and maintain their energy and state while working with others.

16 CEUs  for eligible healing professions

LMTs have 12 CE hours life presenter

16 CE hours for avalable healing professions,

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