Living Consciously 

Living Conssciously: To be Centered, to liive in the present moment we have to break the spell of our past.

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Letting the hold of our past die,
to be alive in the present

"It has been said that those that are afraid of dying, also fear living fully, for the two go hand in hand. Life calls us to live like a true warrior, from the courage and conviction of our hearts - not from fear. Not from the fear that we may lose what little we have, but from the trust that courage provides in being open to something greater than what was. In that process, we are asked to allow our past issues and attachments to die, in order that we can be alive to the present, to what the universe offers us in our next breath. "

Susana Sorí





There are two directions for healing.

"One direction asserts the need for individuals to learn to adapt or to become whole within the framework of their society. The other, establishes the need for the individuals to find their unique self before re-entering the society. In many ways the former is the standard of modern cultures, the latter of more primitive or indigenous cultures.

Modern culture has for the most part condemned the primitive or indigenous, but people need to be warned that they will eventually die alone, that life is both an individual experience and ultimately a primal, if not intrinsically primitive situation, that has been altered by culture. The path of adaptation is artificial; the path of re-connection is vital and very real. Often the choice is made, as with most things in life, on the basis of fear and ignorance of one’s true nature, and a life lived from fear has really not been lived at all.

In order to break this spell, we need to wake up to our experience of life through our hearts, soul and spirit. This site supports a journey towards that heart. It is a journey I have taken and it is a journey that I now share. It is a journey towards being conscious, alive, courageous and human.

The material on this website is intended to help people cross through their challenges and times of transition.

I have taken the premise that being more fully conscious, centered and alive not only improves our ability to function in any situation, but also helps to release the hold of our past issues by shifting towards being in the moment and in our hearts. I maintain that the processes and techniques to help us move forward and towards integrity with our selves and our feelings are fairly simple and straightforward to apply in our lives. But we have to start in order to make progress."  

Roman Oleh Yaworsky
Excerpt from the Prologue, Being Centered


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