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We are intrinsically spiritual in nature. The great changes forward in our lives have not come from without, but from within. Our true sense of who we are, our spontaneity, aliveness, courage and freedom come from our connection to our core and to our spirit.

When we honor that connection, when that connection is freed to manifest in our lives, when that spirit is unleashed, then we begin to walk the path of greatness, of becoming a true human being. Our mission at SpiritUnleashedTM is to create and offer courses, workshops, books, transformational sessions, and products in support of that greatness.

The material on this website is intended to help people cross through their challenges and times of transition. We welcome you to revisit this site, as we will be regularly posting upcoming workshops and information to support you in that process.

Susana Sori Educator and Healer at Spirit Unleashed (TM)

About Susana Sorí

I welcome the opportunity to support you in your life's journey, and help you open more possibilities for your continuing growth towards your greatness.

My focus has been to support positive change and transformation, to free up your abilities, joy and courage, rather than simply treat a symptom or initial problem. My interest is in supporting others to embrace their innate ability to focus on the flow of the moment, to be joyfully real, courageous and truly present. About educator and energy healing practitioner, Susana Sori More about Susana Sori


Roman Oleh Yaworsky author and energy medicine practitionerAbout Roman Oleh Yaworsky

Roman Oleh Yaworsky is published author and a life and business coach, who draws on a comprehensive background in the arts, sciences and healing fields.

Roman has created and designed innovative and original workshops to help individuals and corporations reveal their greater potential. More about Author and Energy Medicine Practioner, Roman Oleh Yaworsky More about Roman Oleh Yaworsky


Support, life coaching and energy medicine for individuals, couples and families

Support for Individuals, Couples and Families

Through our affiliate, Life Coaching Miami, we offer both life coaching and energy medicine support for individuals, couples and families. More about Author and Energy Medicine Practioner, Roman Oleh Yaworsky More about life coaching and energy medicine


Management, corporate and business support

Management, Corporate and Business Support

We offer executive coaching and intervention for management and staff dynamics, through our affiliate, CompaniesAlive TM. More about Author and Energy Medicine Practioner, Roman Oleh Yaworsky More about CompaniesAlive




Being Centred by Roman Oleh Yaworsky, a life coach in a book Being Centered

This book takes a very different perspective in revealing the process of healing and the journey of transformation. It asks the basic question: How did we lose our authentic self? And how do we get it back? Roman Oleh Yaworsky traces how we give away our joy our uniqueness, and our power. This book is a blue print for reclaiming our lives. More about Being Centered, by Roman Oleh Yaworsky More about Being Centered




Energy Awareness and Protection taught by Susana Sori, image copyright 2011 by Roman Oleh YaworskyTBA for 2019

Exploring Your Chakras TM
3 Saturday afternoon series

Exploring Your Chakras reveals the relationship of the chakras to the way you feel and experience the world around you physically and at the levels of your emotions, mind and spirit.

You will learn how the chakra system holds and stores your emotions and past impressions, and how this influences your state, the choices you make, your fate and your destiny. . More about the Nature and Influences of the Chakras More about Exploring Your Chakras


Energy Awareness and Protection taught by Susana Sori, image copyright 2011 by Roman Oleh YaworskyJune 15, 16, 2019

Miami FL

Energy Awareness TM

It is very important for our well being to rise above the influences that may drain us or pull us from our core or optimal functioning. Many people in the healing and helping professions tend to think of, or are drawn to deal with their clients or patients needs, often ignoring what may be happening to their own good energy and state. More about Energy Awareness and Protection More about Energy Awareness


The Greatest Journey: Dying Consciously, detail from the Great Migration by Milinda AlecApril 26 (eve), 27, 28, 2019,
Miami FL
Dying Consciously: Practitioner Training

Honoring & Restoring the Sacredness of Passage

Learn the practical and tangible tools of a true friend. The great death rites practiced by the shamanic traditions allow us to understand the kind of psychological and emotional closure needed by a loved one at the time of their greatest transition.  More about More about Energy Awareness and ProtectionThe Greatest Journey, Supporting Another

Despacho and Sacred Fire CeremoniesTBA for 2019
Shamanic Journey and Sacred Fire Ceremony

A sacred fire takes you into the present moment. Preparing you for the sacred fire ceremony, we will be offering deep Shamanic Journey to the inner place of healing in your own heart. Clear the past year in style and welcome the new year by welcoming your greater becoming. More about Free Your Destiny: Move Beyond Your Fate (TM) More


Nine Inka Rites of spiritual activationMarch 16, 23, 30, 2019
Nine Inka Rites of Spiritual Activation

The ancient healers and shamans from the High Andes of Peru have gifted us with a set of energetic initiations which are doors for us to walk through. These initiations occur at the energetic and spiritual levels of our being, imprinting within us nine keys to access our true potential. More about Free Your Destiny: Move Beyond Your Fate (TM) More

Susana Sori Course Testimonials, image copyright 2012 by Roman Oleh YaworskyCourse and Client Testimonials

"It was a breakthrough course! " "I It was stupendous…like no other course I have ever taken before.."
"You get to the root of core problems and your sessions are so powerful but in an almost gentle way." More Course Testimonials by workshops by Roman Oleh Yaworsky and Susana Sori More course, workshop and support testimonials



Susana Sori introduces The Heart of the matter, excerpt from Being Centered by Roman Oleh Yaworsky

The Heart of the Matter

In every challenging event of our lives, we are presented with two things. The first is very familiar. It is the problem, the challenge and the situation that makes our life difficult, or disrupts our way of being, and we just wish it would go away. The second is a gift.  More about the Heart of the Matter, by Roman Oleh Yaworsky More about the Heart of the Matter


Susana Sori introduces Living Consciously, how we approach life and our fears of dying, as well as Continuing Education Courses and Workshops for the healing professions. Image copyright 2011 by Susana Sori

Living Consciously

It has been said that those that are afraid of dying, also fear living fully, for the two go hand in hand.

Life calls us to live like a true warrior, from the courage and conviction of our hearts - not from fear. Not from the fear that we may lose what little we have, but from the trust that courage provides in being open to something greater than what was. More about Living Consciously More about Living Consciously

 Susana Sori introduces Dying Consciously through Living Consciously, how we approach life and our fears of dying, as well as Continuing Education Courses and Workshops for the healing professions.

The Luminous Energy Field

The luminous energy field is the energetic space that surrounds our physical body and holds our energetic awareness of our world More about our luminous energy field

Susana Sori writes about some important understandings passed down to her in My Father’s Words. Image is copyright 2008 by Susana Sori

My Father's Words

Sometimes it takes a great struggle or times of great challenge to force us to realize what is truly more important. It is all the more reason I remember what my father told me. . . More about My Father's Words Read more


The Power of Action, excerpt from an article by Susan Sori

The Power of Action

I have always been driven to action: Action as play and entertainment; Action as learning; Action as commitment and duty. Yet, the greatest reason for action in my life is using action to break through the energy of fear and ‘imagined’ limitation. More about the Power of Action, by Susana Sori More about the Power of Action