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Energy Awareness TM

Energry Awareness for people who help people Spirit Unleashed

From: The Stance of a Healer™ Series

Energy Awareness TM

For People Who Help People

Taught by Susana Sorí

June 15, 16, 2019
Miami FL

12 CEUs for eligible healing professions


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Learn to walk through life with energetic protection. And the awareness of the energies that surround you.

Energy Awareness™ is especially designed for those in the healing professions with special focus to massage therapists, healing professionals and anyone else who works with people.

This one-day workshop will help you become more aware of your energetic interactions with your clients and the people in your life. It will also provide the tools and modalities to help you protect, maintain and strengthen your state and well-being.

As health care providers, we are often called upon to help and support people who have been affected by stress, or who have been pulled out of harmony, whether emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually. In caring for others, we risk being negatively affected ourselves.

Many people in the healing professions tend to focus on their patients needs, often ignoring what may be happening to their own energy and good state.

Over time, not protecting our well-being can have negative consequences - we may be fatigued, feel joyless, and may even gain weight - if we have not developed the means to effectively clear and shield ourselves.

Energy Awareness™ addresses a vital concern not only for health care providers but for everyone who wants to improve their energetic interactions with others. It teaches practical modalities and techniques to maintain good energetic presence. You will learn how ‘clear the air’, to recharge yourself and your working environment in real time.

 This is a practical and experiential course, where participants will learn modalities and techniques applicable to their lives and their profession. After this workshop, you will have the tools, basic knowledge, and the ability to realign yourself as easily as taking a breath.

After this workshop, you will...

• Improve your well-being and effectiveness in working with others. • Rise above other's negative influences.

• Align your life towards a more positive, fearless and expansive future.

• Recognize many negative uses of energy.

• Identify, release, and transform disharmonious energies.

• Become a spiritual warrior; centered, protected and in the ‘zone’.

• Learn skills used by yogis, shamans, and healers for ages!

Handouts: Some handouts will be provided during the workshop.

For more information and registration: contact@spiritunleashed.com


12 CE hours for CSW, CN, MFT, MHC, LMT

Clinical Social Work, Certified Master Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Midwives, Registered Massage Therapists, Psychologists (with board approval) - SpiritUnleashed provider #50-12290  

LMTs have 12 live presenter category CEUs

To professionals who do not live in Florida, but have a Florida license: Many professionals want to maintain 'active' their Florida license, even though they may presently live in another State. SpiritUnleashed™ offers CE hours to the professions listed above.

To professionals from outside of Florida needing CE units for their State: Many professional Boards in the U.S. honor Florida approved courses, when the course is taken in Florida. Please check with the Board of your profession in your State. SpiritUnleashed™ will directly process your request for CE units  to the respective Florida Boards.

Please note: There is an additional $25 fee for those requesting CE units for course attendance, when the course is offered directly by SpiritUnleashed